Sunetics Laser vs Laser Cap

Video Transcript

So you heard about Low Level Laser Therapy and you’re interested, but you don’t know which treatment to try, whether it’s a LaserCap, Sunetics Laser or both. Well, this is a video to quickly discuss the pros and cons of each one.

Remember the LaserCap was meant to be used at home. It was meant to be used 30 minutes, three times a week and its primary driving value is that it’s convenient. It is meant to be used over a period of time to prevent hair loss.

The Sunetics Laser is a little bit different. It’s an in-office or in-salon type of treatment. It’s a more intense type of treatment, where you come in one to two times a week for six months, followed by maintenance therapy. It’s more powerful than a LaserCap, but obviously coming to the salon may be difficult for most and that’s where the value of a combination treatment really comes in. Getting an intense treatment with the Sunetics Laser at the salon, but having a LaserCap at home as your backup. Such that if you miss a treatment, you can easily make for home, or if you decide to supplement your treatment for a little bit added hair loss protection, you can use a laser in conjunction with the Sunetics Laser.

I think that all three are great options. However, if I were to choose myself and I had the time to come in a salon, I would go with the combination. But if I was a busy traveler, I would go with the basic LaserCap for home.

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