What is a mature hairline and what does it look like?

If you’ve just started balding or are still trying to figure out exactly what your hair loss options are, you probably have a few questions. One of the biggest we’ve seen at Northwestern Hair is our clients trying to know for sure what a mature hairline is and when their hairline is becoming one. So don’t worry if that sounds just like you; we’ve got you covered in this article.

What Does A Mature Hairline Look Like?

A mature hairline is one that looks good as you age — to put it simply. As you grow older, your hairline will change shape, and it’s something everyone should certainly expect to happen. However, while it’s perfectly normal, it can be upsetting if you’re not prepared for this experience ahead of time. For example, if you’re a 50-year-old with an 18-year-old hairline, your hair is in good shape, and it’s aptly referred to as a juvenile hairline. On the other hand, if your hairline is fully recessed at 20, such a recession is termed severe and may require intervention in the form of hair transplant surgery. Something else to note is that a mature hairline will look different when observed in men than in women. The noticeable difference in men, for example, is the temporal recessions or angulations of the hairline that give it a masculine look.

Getting The perfect Hairline for Your Hair Transplant Procedure

Because hair transplant procedures are permanent, getting a proper hairline during your hair transplant surgery is just as important as the procedure itself. At Northwestern Hair clinic, our hair transplant specialists work with your hair by ensuring your new hairline is designed to fit perfectly for all age types so you don’t end up with one contrasting starkly with your current or future age after the procedure. That means your hairline will be a little recessed from how it was in your teens, but it won’t be as far back as it would be during your later years. This way, our procedure delivers you with a brand new hairline that’s perfect whether you’re in your early twenties or older and approaching your late sixties instead. In either case, what you can expect with our unique hair transplant procedures is a hairline that will be as appropriate as possible for your age.


It’s possible to get a completely natural-looking hairline after a hair transplant, and it all comes down to your approach while you’re getting one. Working with a good surgeon and the correct procedure can be a fantastic experience, and your new hairline can give you the confidence to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. The most important thing is that you qualify for the procedure and take steps to maximize your chances of success.

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