What is the protocol for using the sunetics for hair loss?

Video Transcript

So you’re considering the Sunetics laser treatment and you’re wondering what the treatment protocol is and what kind of commitment there is. Well, the treatment protocol for Sunetics laser has two phases, the active treatment phase and the maintenance phase.

During the active treatment phase, you’re going to come in twice a week for the first three months. For the three months following that, you’re going to come in once a week. That means that the active phase is six months of treatment. However, after six months, you’re not done with your treatments. You want to continue on with maintenance treatments. During the maintenance phase, you come in one to two times a month.

In a different video, I talked about when you’re going to see your results from your Sunetics treatment. I told you, in the first three months, you’re going to see your hair loss decreases. I told you in the following three months, you’re going to see increased fullness and shine of your healthy hairs. But it’s not until after six months that you’re going to see those miniaturized hairs are really starting to thicken.

That’s why the importance of the maintenance therapy is there. Once you reach that six month mark and you’ve seen some positive results, you’re going to want to go on with maintenance.

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