What qualifications should your hair transplant team have?

If you’ve been thinking about a hair transplant for yourself or a loved one and have already started looking for a hair transplant clinic, chances are your first thought was to ask yourself: “What qualifications should my hair transplant team have?” In this article, we’ll discuss how important it is for the people involved in your upcoming operation to meet specific requirements that will make your goal of having new and fuller hair a reality.

Finding A Good Team For Your Hair Replacement Procedure

The key consideration in finding a good team is finding out what qualifications they have. Here are some of the main qualities to consider:


Experience is one of the most important qualifications for a hair transplant surgeon. It is vital that they have experience with hair transplants before they practice on others. If they do not have enough experience, they may make severe mistakes during a procedure that may affect the final quality of your hair transplant procedure.

A reasonable expectation of experience with your surgeon should be in the region of 10 to 15 years performing the aspects of the hair transplantation they will be performing on you. This consideration will give you confidence in this specialist’s experience and willingness to help you through your recovery process.

Most top clinics will have a team of experienced doctors who have performed thousands of hair transplants and are familiar with the latest techniques. They know what to look for when examining your scalp and determining the best location for your new hair follicles.


You will want to ensure that the team you choose has adequate training in performing hair transplantation. If the team doesn’t, you will have a bad experience and may even lose some hair in the process. This factor is not only crucial for your safety, but it also helps to ensure that your results are excellent and long-lasting.

You want someone who understands all aspects of what they’re doing, from the basics, such as cleaning up your scalp, to more advanced techniques like follicular unit extraction (FUE). A good hair replacement specialist will also be able to explain what each step means, why it’s being done, and why it works better than other options available.

Certifications or Licenses?

In addition to having strong medical training, these specialists should have certifications or licenses. There are many different certifications available for those who work in this field, and these certifications can help them prove their knowledge and skill level to their clients or patients.

There’s a debate in the community on what specific certifications a hair transplant specialist should have. Such requirements could be anything from an MD, DO, MP, or certified technician as preferred qualifications, depending on who you ask. However, there are no hard and fast rules in this regard, and it all boils down to experience.

Here at Northwestern Hair, we have an excellent combination of an MD and a technician who has been with us for 23 years and has also gotten her doctorate in the process. So when you sign up for your procedure at our clinic, you’ll be getting a nice combination of a doctor of trichology and a doctor of medicine.

However, if you’re at a different clinic, you shouldn’t assume their procedure is of poor quality because they only have a hair transplant technician handling your procedure. Instead, we recommend asking about how long they’ve been doing it, as it really boils down to the experience of the specialist in the end.


Ultimately, it’s crucial to ensure you feel confident in your choice. Look for a hair transplant clinic that’s professionally run with a team of experienced specialists. Make sure you’re getting the best care and service for your procedure.

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