What qualifications should your hair transplant team have?

Video Transcript

So you’re getting hair transplantation procedure, and you’re wondering what you should be looking for in the person who’s going to do your procedure. Should they have some specific qualifications or not? Now I’ll tell you the most important thing is that this person has experience, probably 10 to 15 plus years of a direct experience performing the aspects of the hair transplantation that’ll be performing on you.

Now there’s a debate in the community, whether this person needs to be an MD, a DO, a PA, an MP, or just a technician. And it’s really hard to know. It really does come down to experience. In our office, we kind of have a nice combination of an MD and a technician who’s been here for 23 years, who has happened to get her doctorate. So she’s a doctor of trichology as well as working a doctor of medicine. Now you may not find that in most places, but that’s how we like to do things in our clinic, very high-touch, very high-clinical, and advanced.

Just because you know a clinic and they have a technician doing their procedure, don’t assume that it’s bad. Ask for how long they’ve been doing it, and also don’t assume that someone with an MD, who’s been doing it for only a year is going to be any good. It really comes down to experience that they have.

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