What to expect during your consultation with a Northwestern Hair physician?

Video Transcript

What should you expect at your consultation at Northwestern Hair? Well, we want this to be a transparent and educational process. So the first thing you’ll notice is that you’re meeting with a doctor. You’re not meeting with a salesperson or a technician. You’re getting sound, clinical advice from a medical professional.

During your consultation, we’re going to use diagnostic tools, which you can also see. We’re going to look at your hair underneath a microscope and determine the cause your hair loss. Whether that’s miniaturization from testosterone or follicular fallout from stress, you’re going to see exactly what we do so you can make clinical decisions for yourself.

We’re also going to look around your head for areas that you don’t have hair loss for evidence of future hair loss. This helps us plan for your future to determine the number of graphs we need to save, so you can always have a natural result moving forward. After all said and done, we’ll get you your graph count, and we’ll get you pricing.

After you receive recommendation, we’re going to encourage you to go meet with other hair transplant teams. I will even tell you the doctors that I respect the most around the city. Once you’re done meeting with them, you have a chance to call our doctors. We will help you pick the team that is best for you, even if it’s not our team. That’s exactly what you should expect from Northwestern Hair and our consultation process.

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