When can you see results from sunetics hair loss treatments?

Video Transcript

So you’re considering the Sunetics Laser, and you’re wondering how long it’s going to take to your see results. Well, I tell people, you’re going to see results in different phases. And each one of these phases is going to be about three months in their time. In stage one, the first three months, you’re going to see a progressive decrease in your hair loss. That means you may not see any improvement, but at least you’ll see that the hair loss is coming to a stop. In the second stage or months three to six, you’ll see that hairs that were already healthy or semi-healthy improve with the Sunetics Laser. They’ll become thicker and shinier.

In stage three, that’s six months and beyond, you’re going to see improvement in those hairs that have miniaturized or that have shed. That means that your hair’s going to become thicker and fuller beyond this point. So you may know that the Sunetics protocol is approximately six months in length. The first three months, you’re going to come in twice a week. The second three months, you’re going to come in once a week. And that’s going to be that six month mark. However, I just mentioned that you can still see results after six months, which is why it is important to continue with maintenance after you finish the six month protocol.

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