Who is the ideal candidate for sunetics hair loss laser?

Video Transcript

So you’ve seen the Sunetics Laser and you’re wondering if it’s the right treatment option for you? Well, there are a couple things to consider before you sign up for the Sunetics Laser treatments.

Number one, the Sunetics Laser requires a healthy or semi-healthy hair follicle in order to work. Remember, this follicle has to absorb light in order to be stimulated. If the follicle is no longer existent or is thin to the point where it doesn’t respond to other therapies, it’s unlikely that the Sunetics Laser will work for that hair follicle.

So from a practical standpoint, if you can see bare scalp that’s relatively shiny with no overlying hairs, it’s unlikely that there are any follicles in this area to respond Sunetics Laser. However, if you have an area of your scalp that is just barely visible through your hairs, and there are overlying hairs in the area, it’s likely that there are hairs healthy enough to benefit from the Sunetics Laser.

Now remember, the Sunetics Laser is a stimulatory treatment. That means it can stimulate hair growth in most types of hair loss. So whether you have androgenetic alopecia or stress-related hair loss, nutritional hair loss, it’s likely the Sunetics Laser will work for your type of hair loss. You just need to make sure that you have a healthy or semi-healthy hair follicle to be stimulated.

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