Can you combine FUE and micro FUE in one hair transplant?

Video Transcript

My name is Dr. Vinay Rawlani From Northwestern Hair. In today’s video I want to cover whether you can combine FUE with Micro FUE to help save costs throughout the process. Now, in the past, yes, we did do this, and it was possible.

We often did Micro FUE in the front hairline and FUE around the crown. This is because we wanted the most natural appearing hairs in the front where people can see them, and it wasn’t so important to be dry and frizzy towards the crown. However, during a procedure, our office doesn’t count graft by graft about which one’s one type versus the other. We just essentially do what’s right.

It was hard for us to predict ahead of time which combination of hairs we were going to do to give you a good estimate of your procedure. It was also even harder afterwards because we just didn’t count down to the numbers of what was FUE versus micro FUE, and we didn’t want people to be upset by what was done, in what combination, because there is a lot of fluidity during the procedure. We decided to drop it, and it really came down to it just wasn’t practical from our patient’s experience standpoint, and from really focusing on your clinical result, more so than counting grafts during your procedure.

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