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Hello, everybody, it’s Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about whether Discrete FUE has a natural appearing result, maybe more so than FUE or Micro. And I will tell you in this case, yes, I do believe it does. Remember, going from FUE to Micro, we’re getting healthier, more natural hairs. As we go into Discrete, we actually have one more benefit towards a natural result. Remember, as we do Discrete procedure, we don’t buzz-cut the back or sides of the head. We pull out hairs individually. That gives us the ability to assess the donor side to the back sides of your head to make sure that they continue looking natural after your procedure.

Now, I will say that in your first or maybe second procedure, this is not that big of an issue, but once you pass the five, the 6,000 graph mark, you really do have to pay attention to naturality. And Discrete allows you to do that because you’re seeing individual hairs come out and you’re seeing the result of that. Also, when we put in Discrete hairs, we have the ability to transplant a full length hair, which gives us the ability to see what the results look like on the table and not have to guess. That means that we can nail a more natural result purely because we have what we call an immediate preview of your results.

Now, I will tell you, in an FUE, whether it’s FUE or Micro, the front hairline is always a very hard part to get the way people always want. We always get them looking natural, but maybe they may not be as dense as they want them. And that’s because in order to do a good front hairline, you should only be using single hair grafts where we have full control of the directionality of hairs versus a two hair graft or three hair graft, where it may look like a sprout in the front hairline.

We use single hair graphs, these graphs can’t be put very close together. They actually have some tissue in the bottom and they have to be separated by some means. We can still make this look natural. It just may not look as dense. In Discrete, it’s actually kind of nice that, hey, if that gap is too big, we’ll just fit other hair and we can tell what that looks like. And sometimes we have the ability to take that risk. Whereas in Micro, we just can’t tell. And in an FUE, we have the additional confounding factors like, hey, is this hair going to be dry and frizzy and disrupt the way the hairline looks?

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