Do I need Micro FUE?

Video Transcript

Hello, everybody. This is Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. Today’s question I want to answer is whether or not you need Micro FUE or if you can just do FUE. Now, this is a hard question for me, because as a strong believer in Micro FUE, having pushed for the clinical science reported in our office and seeing the results, I personally think that Micro FUE is a better procedure. However, I do not necessarily think that it is required. And the reason for this is because we know that FUE has been performed for 20 to 25 years, delivering satisfaction rates in the 90th percentile, even with the idea that it can result in a dry, kinky hair.

I tell people that Micro FUE is a more costly procedure because it combines a lot of technologies to get the procedure performed compared to an FUE, which is becoming very efficient and affordable for practices to perform. If your budget allows for you to have Micro FUE and it does not bother you, it means that you’re not thinking about not spending on your child’s good education or vacation, I would say definitely go with micro FUE. However, if budget is one of your concerns, I’d say FUEE is a great procedure. It’s the same people in our office reporting both the same after and same before care. We’re going to do an excellent job on FUE regardless of whether you decide to upgrade to Micro.

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