Do Micro FUE always look perfect?


Video Transcript

Hello everybody. It’s Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. Today I want to cover a very important question for everyone who’s considering Micro FUE, and maybe a reason that you decide not to go along with the procedure. And that question is, does Micro MUE always look natural and always look perfect? Well, the answer is no, not all procedures always look perfect. There is one aspect of your body’s healing that we cannot control with FUE.

Remember, we insert these graphs into your scalp. Your body has to hold them into place. And the only way it can do that is by forming a scar or a band that kind of tethers it down. If that tethering band or scar kinks the hair, cuts off the circulation to the oil gland or the output to the oil gland, you can still have a dry and frizzy hair. However, it’s not as frequent it is with regular FUE. In regular FUE I would suspect that about a third to one half of patients complain that the hair are dry and frizzy and Micro FUE you might see that number reduced to about five to maybe a max 10%.

Remember in Micro RUE what we’re doing is striking the graft in a more delicate manner. We’re not using a sharp cutting blade than cut across important structures. We’re not using tweezers to pull on the hair. Each one of those aspects of touching the graph can result in your body forming a bigger scar once it’s inserted. And so just being gentler on the extraction has reduced the amount of dry and frizzy hairs that we see. And we think it’s likely related to the lesser scarring in the scalp, which there still is a small component that still does happen and may result in a couple hairs being not so perfect.

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