Do micro FUE hairs shed after a hair replacement procedure?

Video Transcript

Hello, everybody. It’s Dr. Vinay for Northwestern Hair. Today’s question is, do micro hairs fall out like FUE hairs fall out after your procedure? Now, this is a very interesting question because we’re seeing some new things happen with micro. I will tell you, expect your hairs to fall out, expect all of them to fall out. Do not worry if they fall out, they will grow back. However, it’s important to understand why hairs fall out in the first place. Whenever hairs go through stress, they’re going to go from their growth phase into their resting phase. In order to get back into the growth phase, hairs have to shed. They have to lose their original hair and restart growing a new hair. So when your hairs fall out after an FUE, it’s because they’ve gone through a little bit of trauma, they’ve been taken from the back of your head and transferred up front. You can imagine that’s a little traumatic, you can expect all of them to fall out.

However, in Micro FUE, something interesting is happening. About one third, maybe one fourth to one half of hairs are starting to grow right away and not fall out. And the only thing this can mean that there is less trauma when these hairs come out, such that they don’t need to go through resting phase to get into shiny phase, back to growth. They’re just actually staying in growth because they never felt an injury.

Is this necessarily a good thing? I don’t know. Maybe this trauma’s just a little bit delayed. It’s a slower process. I would not consider it as a reason to pursue Micro FUE over FUE that these hairs are starting to go right away. However, maybe the idea of hairs just going through growth phase alone means that the procedure is just better.

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