Does Mirco FUE require a buzz cut?

Video Transcript

Hi, everybody. It’s Dr. Vinay here for Northwestern Hair. A lot of people ask me why their Micro FUE itself requires a buzz cut. Now, a lot of people come to our clinic wanting a discrete procedure, no buzz cut, transfer full-length hairs, and they may get that procedure, a Discrete FUE, confused with the Micro because they are the same underlying technology.

So, Micro FUE, you still have a cylindrical blade that’s going to extract the hairs, but the cylindrical blade needs to be fed over the hairs and that’s best done when they’re short. In Discrete FUE, it still uses a micro-technology. However, the blade changes, and we no longer need the blade to slip over the hair so we can do it without a buzz cut and a full-length hair. So that is a Discrete FUE, a Micro FUE does require buzz cut. Same technology, change in techniques. If you do not want a buzz cut, you’re going to be upgrading to a Discrete FUE.

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