How does Discrete FUE work?

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. It’s Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about how Discrete FUE works and how it’s different than FUE and Micro FUE. If we go back to FUE, remember we’re using a sharp cylindrical blade that slides over hairs and cores all the way down to the follicle and extracts them using kind of a sharp blade technique. You can’t do a discrete procedure using that technique because the surrounding hairs can get caught up in it. You somehow have to cut down the surrounding hairs to do a discrete procedure using a basic FUE, which really doesn’t give you the ability to see how the density in the back of the head is responding to your procedure.

In a Micro FUE, we’re moving onto suction and vibration. There’s no longer a spinning blade. That vibration keeps hairs from getting tangled in it. So, if we can modify the tip on a Micro FUE procedure, there’s a possibility of removing a full length hair and that’s where Discrete FUE was built off of was the micro technology. What we’ve done from there is we actually created a slit inside the cylindrical blade, such that it just wraps around the hair instead of having to be slit around over the top of the hair. It allows to take out the full length hair without disrupting any hairs on the side and gives us this amazing ability to get the natural results of a Micro FUE and the discreteness of a Discrete FUE just by changing the blade. But I would say a Discrete FUE is a Micro FUE with a change in one device and technology to get the procedure done without anyone noticing, which is pretty amazing for today’s advancements in hair restoration.

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