How fast does a Discrete FUE heal?

Video Transcript

Hi everybody, it’s Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair and today, I want to talk to you about how fast a Discrete FUE heals.

Now remember a Discrete FUE is a variation of a Micro FUE. It uses the same technology, the same suction and vibration to remove hairs versus cutting and tweezing in an FUE. So it’s going to heal at the same rate as a Micro FUE.

Now the difference between a Discrete and a Micro FUE is that no one really gets to see the healing that’s because there is no buzz cut, there’s no shave in the back, that you have your normal haircut. And then we implant hairs, we have the ability to actually implant full length hair. Such that for advancing the hairline, we’re actually moving forward a visible hairline versus a little stubble, which can be there for a short period of time. So the healing’s the same, however, it’s more concealed, which is probably one of the value propositions to get a Discrete in the first place.

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