How long does is take for micro FUE hair to grow?

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. It’s Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about how long it takes for your hairs to grow back after Micro FUE in comparison to an FUE. Now, I will tell you that these procedures should have the same exact growth cycle. That hairs are expected to fall out between months one and three. They expect to go into a dormant phase between months four and 11. And by six to 12 months, you can expect to see some growth. However, with Micro FUE, we’re seeing something a little unusual.

We’re seeing that hairs don’t actually go into the dormant phase or into shutting phase, and they might start growing right off the bat. This is not something that I would say is a benefit of micro because we don’t know how to control it. We don’t know why it’s happening. We do know that it is a sign of the procedure being better and healthier. However, you really want your full results at the end of the day. So going through a full shedding phase makes sense. Those numbers again are expect your hairs to shed between months one and three, expect them to be dormant between months four and 11 and expect them to grow back between months six and 12.

If you get Micro FUE and see growth right away, that’s excellent. It’s kind of cool. We don’t know why it’s quite happening yet. We do know that it is a good sign.

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