Who are the top hair transplant doctors at northwestern hair?

Video Transcript

Hello everybody, it’s Dr. Vinay Rawlani from Northwestern Hair. And today, I want to tell you about the people that are behind Northwestern Hair and what should really attract you to being at this place.

Now I’ll start with our founder, Dr. Clark Schierle. A lot of people may have heard of Dr. Schierle internationally for being the kid who started his MD and Ph.D. at Harvard starting at age 16, a real child genius. When Dr. Schierle decided that hair restoration is a place that Northwestern Hair should be, he started thinking about new technologies we can bring to the industry to make results better and to make them more discreet.

In order to make this possible, we had to recruit great technical experience. And that’s where we found Dr. Ramirez, Dr. Carmen Ramirez. Now Dr. Carmen Ramirez is not a medical doctor. She’s a doctorate of Science. She studied the hair, but she did this after performing hair transplants for 23 years as a technician. That makes her one of the most skilled people in the city. And the ability to translate Dr. Schierle’s research into clinical practice to give you, what we call, more natural and more discreet results you expect from Northwestern Hair.

And then there’s myself. I’m the newest member of the Northwestern Hair team. And it’s kind of embarrassing to say my credentials compare those two, but I was an endowed scholar at Northwestern University during my time in medical school at residency there. My focus has always been on making customer experience better. I bring in the ability for technology to take care of all the nuances, such that you and I can spend one on one time together. We can only focus on one procedure a day. Such that we can make that clinical superiority, through Clark and Carmen, into something that can integrate with your life.

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