What guarantee does Northwestern Hair offer?

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. I’m Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I wanted to talk to you about guarantees that you’ll get for hair transplantation around the city.

Now, I know everyone wants to have a great hair restoration procedure, and I can tell you that FUE regardless, whether you pick a basic FUE, micro, or discreet is a very reliable procedure. And if performed appropriately, those hairs will grow. The question is how many hairs will grow, and how will they look when they’re done based upon the technical aspects of performance of procedure?

I know you will go around town and you will hear people give you a guarantee on your results. As a physician run clinic, it’s really important for us to tell you that every single procedure has risk to it. And what our clinic offers, instead of a guarantee is like a reassurance. A reassurance that you’re getting to work with the best people around. That you’re getting the best technologies, and the best technicians. That we’re only going to do one patient a day. That you’re going to be one-on-one with your physician, such that when you have an issue, you’re not dealing with corporate [inaudible], you’re going back to your doctor, and you’re getting your concerns addressed.

We’re going to want your results to be as good as possible. And, hopefully, during the consultation, we’re gonna line up our goals together. Per se, it’s not a guarantee but it’s a reassurance that you’re gonna be dealing with the best when you come to Northwestern Hair.

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