What hair transplant technologies does discrete FUE use?

Video Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video I want to talk to you about the technologies that Discrete FUE uses to make the procedure possible.

Now, Discrete FUE uses a combination of technologies, starting all the way from FUE to Micro FUE, and then advancing a couple other steps. So, in FUE, remember that we used a sharp surgical blade to extract the hair. However, the sharp surgical blade can cut through tissues on the sides, severing the follicles, and sometimes the oil glands from the hair, making them essentially nonviable or not natural.

Micro FUE, we move onto this vibration suction technique. Instead of using a sharp cutting blade, we vibrate the hair out. Instead of using a tweezer, we suck it. It leads to a much healthier hair and a more natural result in the terms of the way it looks.

Now, Discrete FUE is really nice, it’s just a variation of Micro. We change the blade, such that the blade doesn’t need to be fed over a full length of hair, which is really hard. That’s why we shave. But instead it slides around the hair like a little cup and then it vibrates the hair out. That allows us to remove the full length of hair, transplant the full length of hair, and give you immediate results without a buzz cut in the back.

So those technologies are actually all combined. In FUE that technology comes from something called SmartGraft. In Micro FUE that technology comes from a device called Trebalini and Madella. And then as we go on to Discrete, we have a customized tip that we use to extract the hairs in their full length.

So you can see, it’s a combination of lot of technologies, which is why the cost of Discrete FUE is higher, but the benefits are extremely great. You get the naturality of Micro plus the ability of doing this totally underneath the radar.

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