What hair transplant technologies does micro FUE use?

Video Transcript

My name’s Dr. Vinay Rawlani from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I want to go over the technologies behind Micro FUE. Now, a lot of people out there who are doing research in FUE have looked into technologies that exist such as the robot artists, NeoGraft, SmartGraft, what have you, before that. There are a lot of technologies on the FUE side to make that procedure more efficient, which is why the cost has gone down.

On the Micro FUE side, however, these technologies aren’t in production. We actually have to create them and we create them by going through the market and looking at the best FUE technologies available and figuring how to combine them to achieve the ability to remove hairs using vibration and suction as well as another couple of technologies. So the first thing we did is we borrowed SmartGraft from FUE.

SmartGraft allows for suction of the grafts out to the scalp, as well as preservation through cooling and through a physiologic solution. It is really the best preservation system out there. Its suction system is also pretty good, but we did need to augment it for micro. Now on the extraction side, we used a device called Trivellini. Trivellini is a very advanced manual device that does not have suction or preservation to it. It literally just has different types of blades and different modes of moving the hairs. With the modification of the Trivellini blades to make what we call a smooth notch blade, where it’s smooth about 95% of its surface, but one has one sharp notch. We insert that into the manual device there and move that into a vibration shaking mode to achieve the right combination for each one of our clients. So that’s how the hairs come out.

So the way we put this together is actually bringing in a new suction technology that connected to the Trivellini manual trash device to the smart graft preservation device. Now that suction technology, we created special tubing. So as soon as the grafts are taken out, it pulls them and puts them into a SmartGraft where they’re preserved and never touched until they’re reinserted into your scalp. So there you have it Micro FUE is actually a combination of technologies that do exist on the market that have been put together in a proprietary way. And for each one of our patients, we’re customizing how they’re working. And once we have this all put together, we plan to share it with payer transplanting clinics across the country.

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