Who is an ideal candidate for Discrete FUE?

Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. It’s Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video, I want to talk to you about who the ideal candidates are for a Discrete FUE. As you know, Discrete FUE is our most advanced procedure. A lot of people want it, however, it is more expensive, so really comes down to who is the ideal candidate and who should be doing this? So there’s one of two people who should be doing this. The first category are people who literally want to fly underneath the radar for their hair transplant procedure. They want the naturality of a Micro FUE and that technology, but they want the additional benefit of just walking out of a clinic with no one being able to tell that they had something done. The Discrete procedure is exactly that. We don’t need to do a buzz cut, and we have the ability to transplant the full length of hairs, such that we can give you an immediate preview of your results if that’s what you’d like, and we can also make it totally natural and under the radar.

The second category of people are actually someone who I think that, where it’s not a medical necessity, but a real strong benefit. That’s someone who’s had a previous hair transplant. They want more density, or they want a little bit more out of the results. However, they may not have many hairs in the back or side of their heads as donors, because maybe they were over-extracted in the past, or for whatever reason. In that case, the Discrete procedure is really nice because we can extract hairs one at a time. They’re full length, and we can actually look at the back of the head and say, “Yeah, actually, this density’s okay,” or, “Hey, we’re taking too much density. We need to stop.” So it gives us a great chance to say, “What is your body’s maximum ability to give us hairs with you still looking natural?”

When we would go to implant the hairs, it’s really nice to implant full length hairs, because as we’re putting the hairs, we can actually see the density develop, and we don’t need to overdo it such that we place 10 hairs and we’re like, “Oh, we just need two more. We’ll place 12. That’s it. We don’t need any more.” It’s a great balance of being able to tell how much density you need without overdoing it. So that’s what I call a medical necessity for Discrete FUE, versus the strong preference for, “Hey, I want a natural result. I want no one to know I had this procedure.” And those are the ideal candidates for Discrete FUE. I wouldn’t just pick it for any other reason.

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