Why are suction and vibration so important?

Video Transcript

Hello everybody, it’s Dr. Vinay Rawlani from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video I wanted to tell you why vibration and suction seems to be the most ideal way to remove grafts today.

Remember a normal FUE you have two steps to removing a graft. You have a cutting process where you use a sharp surgical blade that slides down the hair shaft, and the second part of that process you have a tweezer to pull it out. Well in that first part process that sharp blade will cut through anything in its path. It can miss the follicle, it can cut off the oil gland leading into essentially a dead hair or a dry hair. At the same time when you’re pulling out the tweezer, that pinch is actually pretty forceful to get this hair out, and if that hair hasn’t been cut appropriately you can essentially miss a follicle, miss a gland, or you can actually just crush it to the point where it can have a kink after it’s implanted.

And Micro FUE is a little bit different. The techniques are much more gentler, you use suction and vibration. So the first difference is the blade. The blade is we call a smooth notched blade, it only has one little area where it’s sharp, such that when it is spinning it does cut in that direction. However, when it’s done spinning and it starts in the vibration there’s no longer a sharp blade there to cut through the follicle or the oil gland.

At the same time the suction is pulling out the hair as the cutting process is happening. It’s holding hair in its upright position, and it’s smoothly taking it out, and there’s no need for a tweezer.

If you go back to one of our videos on what this looks like you will clearly see the difference between sharp cutting and tweezers and suction and vibration, and how these hairs just look healthier and will lead to more natural results down the road.

Now, this is today. We’re always working on new techniques, especially such as oscillation and shaking that may be better at taking out hairs. However, vibration and suction seem to be the best way of doing it.

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