Why choose a Discrete FUE procedure?

Video Transcript

Hello everyone. It is Dr. Vinay for Northwestern Hair. In today’s video I want to talk to you about why you would choose discreet versus something like a Micro FUE.

Now remember that the purpose of Discrete procedure is to fly underneath the radar, to not have a buzz cut and to possibly transplant full length hair so you can immediately see what the results are like. In a different video I talked about the two ideal candidates for Discrete, and I told you one who was a personal preference of Discrete and one was usually a medical recommendation to get Discrete.

That personal preference is someone who believes they need Discrete because they need to fly completely under the radar. Remember that in the Discrete procedure, you can’t really tell the procedure happens. So if you need to be on camera the next day or some type of cast, Discrete may be what you need.

However, remember in a Micro FUE in our office, we’re not just doing a straight block cut shave, where you walk out of here looking like you had this wild haircut. We have a professional barber who’s doing the haircut. The haircut is short, probably shorter than you ever had. However, it tends to look good in most people. And within a couple, maybe 10 days, 14 days, that haircut’s going to look very good. And you’ve really saved the cost of going from micro to discreet.

Now the one candidate who I will tell to get discreet is someone who’s had a previous hair transplant who wants more density or wants to advance their hairline and doesn’t have much donor hair to give. In that case, the Discrete procedure allows us to remove hairs from the back. We can immediately see the impact that has in the back. Are we at an appropriate density where it looks good? Are we losing density? And then when we go transplant the hairs, we can actually transplant the full length hair. We can actually see the density that we’re achieving so we don’t accidentally over-graft and overuse grafts for no reason. So that’s really the medical reason I would recommend Discrete FUE. But in the case of the Discrete versus Micro, you really decide, “Hey, are those 10 to 14 days really worth the difference to you for the significant jump up in cost?” Because they really otherwise are the same procedure.

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