Why is Mirco FUE more costly than FUE?

Video Transcript

Hello everybody, this is Dr. Vinay from Northwestern Hair. In today’s video I want to tell you why Micro FUE is actually more costly than FUE because a lot of people do ask me that question. Now remember FUE’s been around for 20 years and the technology such as NeoGraft, SmartGraft, artists, whatever, what have you, have made the procedure much more efficient. So in our office, the cost of FUE is actually about 30% lower than the market rate because we leverage those technologies to make it easier on us and pass the savings on to you.

Micro FUE’s a little bit different. There is no technology that’s out there in production that’s available to do Micro FUE. We actually have to create it. In Micro FUE, we combine two to three technologies depending on your needs to actually allow us to perform the procedure. The fact that we’re using two different technologies is really what increases the cost as well as the customization that goes into making them work in an integrated fashion for your procedure. The people are saying the aftercare is the same, but the cost technologies are simply more because they are just the cutting edge to get more natural results.

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