Laser Hair Therapy

Hair restoration with laser caps. How are the results?

Laser therapy is a great option for hair maintenance. There are two types: an intense in-clinic treatment and a convenient at-home treatment.


Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a popular non-surgical alternative for thinning hair that is effective, less painful, less invasive, and has no known adverse effects. As a result of laser treatments, patients see a reduction in hair loss and new hair growth. The results of low-level laser hair treatment make your original hair fuller and thicker.

There are two forms of LLLT: In-clinic LLLT and the at-home laser cap. Each has its pros and cons, but both are effective for hair loss.

In-Clinic LLLT

This therapy stimulates the follicles on your scalp, which helps to improve energy production, resulting in thicker hair. If you are ready to restore their hair to a fuller thickness and fullness with laser therapy, your doctor can prescribe the treatment. Each treatment takes around 20 minutes to complete. Treatments are painless and there are no side effects. The treatments take place for six months and become less frequent as the laser therapy continues. The quantity of hair loss, the state of the hair, and the patient’s genetic history all influence the patient’s result.

At-Home Laser Cap

The Laser Cap is a prescription-strength, lightweight hair growth equipment with 304 laser diodes that delivers a 3.93 J/cm2 energy dosage to your hair follicle. It has been clinically validated and FDA-cleared to encourage hair regeneration for men and women experiencing pattern hair loss. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), is a safe, and painless hair regeneration procedure, used to activate dormant hair follicles in the Laser Cap. LLLT uses monochromatic red laser light with a highly calibrated wavelength and intensity to illuminate the hair follicles throughout a large region of your scalp.

Patients commonly see an improvement in their thinning regions after 60 days of using this laser cap for hair growth 30 minutes per day/3 times per week. This hair loss therapy has been clinically shown to boost hair strength and diameter, as well as the shine and look of your hair. Your doctor may suggest combining LLLT hair supplements and medications like finasteride for best results.

Comparing In-clinic LLLT to at-home Laser Cap.

The laser cap is convenient. Its at-home form factor cannot be beat for busy people. However, the in-clinic LLLT is a more intense treatment that may stop hair loss faster.

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