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Amino Z: is it an alternative to hair transplant?

While not proven to be effective, Amino Z, Exosomes and hormone replacement therapy are up and coming treatments for hair loss. Here is what you should know about them.


The Amnio-Z shot is a protein-based injection generated from human amniotic components and is a major source of physiologically active growth accelerators. These are factors of wound healing and tissue regrowth. Some of the advantages include hair follicle regeneration, promoting tissue remodeling, boosting cell production and growth, and anti-inflammatory properties. With the Amino Z procedure, there is no need for anesthesia and no blood is obtained.

At this time, there is very little evidence that Amino Z works. Therefore we do not offer Amino Z in our clinic and encourage you to do more research before trying it.


Exosomes are one of the most recent hair loss treatments available. Exosomes are delivered into your scalp by injection. Unlike PRP, exosome injections do not necessitate taking blood from patients or delivering an anesthetic to the treatment region. Exosome injections are similar to Amino Z as they use a concentrated supply of physiologically active growth accelerators. Exosome treatment, a type of stem cell therapy that has been shown to regenerate human tissue and can be used to cure pattern baldness, is a highly potent form of stem cell therapy. These stem cells include a variety of growth factors that boost the body’s natural regeneration ability, therefore providing thicker, and fuller hair.

Similar to Amino Z, there is very little evidence that exosomes work. However, exosome use is becoming more common. Currently, we do not offer it in our clinic because it does not pass our threshold for proof of effectiveness.

Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a treatment that acts on recent advances in endocrinology to combat hair loss and restore your natural hairline. Falling hormones in both men and women during the transitional years of menopause and andropause can contribute to the shorter development phase of hair follicles, leading them to wane until fewer hairs are visible on the scalp. On the contrary, HRT may also accelerate hair loss, if testosterone and DHT levels in your body increase.

 If hormone replacement is the best treatment option for you, your doctor will devise a treatment plan based on your age, gender, the severity of your hair loss, and other considerations. We do not offer HRT in our clinic, but can offer our guidance to your HRT regarding the possible impact of HRT on your hair after your transplant procedure.

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