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Should I Go To Turkey For My Hair Transplant?

Turkey offers unbeatable pricing for FUE hair transplants, but make sure you do your research on the clinic. FUEs are permanent procedures on your face. Unnatural results or complications can leave you disfigured for life.


This is an essential issue since many people are considering hair transplants in Turkey and other countries. Going overseas for any procedure, much alone hair transplantation has its drawbacks. However, there is a bigger problem in Turkey with poor procedures, and many patients returning to the US and seeking treatment from a credible hair transplant clinic.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

The hair transplant business in Istanbul, Turkey, is estimated to be worth over a billion dollars. Every year, more than 200,000 individuals from all over the globe visit there in the hopes of returning their hair. However, the sector in Istanbul is unregulated. Therefore in a typical clinic, the procedure would be done by a technician rather than a doctor, which raises red flags for many people.

While the Turkish Ministry of Health establishes industry standards that comply with EU rules, clinics are not required to disclose the number of operations they perform, and participation in medical organizations is optional. There’s no way to make comparisons since transplant practices might have many clinics — all operating under various names and charging different costs.

There are no statistics on the number of hair transplants performed. Turkey is reported to undertake up to 2,000 surgeries each day, with certain facilities doing up to 50 hair transplants in Turkey per day. This, predictably, raises the issue of whether profit takes priority above patient care standards.

Surgery Has Become a Product

Hair transplant surgery has unquestionably become a commodity – something that can be given and exchanged for the lowest possible price. People must keep in mind that this is a surgical procedure. There is blood, anesthesia for pain, lifelong scars, and actual recovery time involved. Why would anyone put their physical well-being in the hands of anybody other than a properly qualified medical practitioner with extensive experience in this field?

Hair transplants in the wrong hands may have disastrous consequences. In some cases, the transplant will be botched and need to be redone (by someone with actual skill and care). In the worst-case scenario, an anesthetic might result in a life-threatening infection, disfiguring scarring, nerve damage, or even an allergic response.

However, it’s crucial to know that in Turkey, there are a few very reputable, accredited clinics managed by skilled surgeons. However, medical tourism – in any nation – has a lot to account for when a slew of operators set up the business and pour millions of dollars into social media promotion. Their glitzy commercials promise greater outcomes, guarantee health and safety, and urge people to have a wonderful time while doing it.

All of those for tens of thousands of dollars less than you’d spend at home. Younger men are especially vulnerable to these persistent retargeting ads, which keep popping up multiple times a day, they are overexposed to the bright lights and perfect hair guarantee that they wouldn’t even consider looking into alternatives at home.

It’s hard to blame them for falling for a promise of a hair transplant for half the cost he’d spend elsewhere. When these guys encounter an appealing offer, they react with a knee-jerk response because they are needy and vulnerable. Even so, it’s absurd for patients to select a facility via a paid Instagram ad and then go to Turkey for surgery from the United States. It’s ridiculous to leave your health in the hands of surgeons in another country if you reside in a country recognized for its excellent, world-class medical care.

Turkey and Medical Tourism in the 21st Century

Because of the growth of social media, certain clinics may now aggressively market treatments, luring patients from all over the world for low-cost treatments. In many instances, these therapies are inexpensive because the clinic is cutting corners on the quality of care. It’s not unusual to wonder whether such clinics care about the patients’ best interests.  In Turkey, hair transplant clinics often market their services as follows:

  • One-session transplants of 4000-6000 grafts (known as “giga-sessions”)
  • Staying in a five-star hotel, as well as flights and airport tickets
  • “Sapphire technology” or “Ice technology”
  • A “Guarantee Certificate”
  • A “Quality Certificate” that has no real value

The Advertising Standards Authority regulates hair transplant facilities in the United States. The ASA establishes a system in which clinics are prohibited from making deceptive claims or incentivizing patients to pursue medical treatment, such as a hair transplant. Patients are allowed to consider if a US hair transplant facility is right for them. There are no “add-ons” to confuse a patient’s judgment, such as those stated above.

Getting a Reliable Clinic

If you know where to search, you can get legal, patient-focused hair transplant clinics without having to face the effects of medical tourism. Start by looking at the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons’ authorized surgeon’s list. Every surgeon who has been approved into the IAHRS has extensive experience, is ethical, and is an expert in their specialty. Finally, a patient should evaluate a hair transplant facility and surgeon license and regulation.

In the United States, doctors and surgeons are often in charge of their patient’s treatment, offering direct one-on-one service. A patient will benefit in the following ways as a result of this:

  • The doctor or surgeon can inspect the grafts for quality, ensuring that everything is done to provide the best possible result for the patient.
  • Better aftercare monitoring since the doctor or surgeon was there throughout the transplant and was able to identify any challenges or complications that arose.

Key Takeaway

If you reside in the United States, selecting a US hair transplant clinic is a lot simpler. Hair transplant surgery can take a long day and being able to go home and recover afterward is crucial. Also, since a transplant entails surgery, there may be difficulties and adverse effects. You’ll want to be able to visit or speak with your surgeon whenever it’s convenient for you.  If you received your transplant in Turkey, this can be quite challenging.

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