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What is a hairline lowering hair transplant procedure?

Hairline lower procedures lower your hairline by removing a 2-3 cm strip of skin at the top of your forehead and pulling your hairline down. The procedure is effective, but leaves a permanent scar in your hair line.


A hairline that is proportionate to one’s facial features is preferred by many people. Having a disproportionately broad forehead or a disproportionately high hairline can lower one’s self-esteem and make one feel anxious and self-conscious about their appearance.

Heredity, hair loss, or previous surgery can contribute to a wide forehead or receding hairline. The good news is that a hairline advancement technique, also known as hairline lowering surgery, can be used to treat this problem. This technique is available for both men and women and has rapid and impressive results.

What Does Hairline Lowering Mean?

This is a surgical hairline advancement technique for people who want to lower their hairline or reduce their forehead. The goal of the procedure is to shorten the gap between the hairline and the brows by around 2-3 cm. This improves the overall face attractiveness by making the hairline seem more proportional. While planning the operation, the surgeon takes into account several criteria. Hairline thickness, scalp laxity, hairline height, past surgery, and so on are some of these factors.

How to Identify Receding Hairline

At some time, you may notice thinning in places that were once fuller and thicker. A receding hairline can start in the edges, corners, or temple regions, as well as the frontal hairline’s leading edge. You’ll notice more scalp, scanty, and “bare” or “bald” places on your head where the hair has started to recede.

What Are the Causes of Receding Hairlines?

It is a hereditary characteristic to have a receding hairline. The most prevalent reason is a family history of receding hairlines, although these other factors can also play a role.

  • Changes in hormones
  • Supplements and/or medications
  • Various health issues
  • Radiation therapy
  • Hairstyles and hair treatments
  • Stress

Who Is Eligible to Get a Hairline Lowering Procedure Done?

  • Men and women can benefit from hairline lowering surgery. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to be good candidates.
  • This technique is also suitable for men and women with a thick hairline and no family history of hair loss.
  • Women of all ages who have a broad forehead or a naturally high hairline make excellent candidates.
  • Several additional features, such as scalp and forehead skin elasticity, hair quality at the hairline, will determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

Hairline Lowering Procedure

Hairline advancement surgery or a hair grafting treatment, which includes cutting 2-3 cm of skin along the hairline, can be used to lower the hairline. The scalp is pulled down toward the forehead and the skin is stitched up after the skin has been removed. The incision scar is hidden by the hairline once the hair grows back, and the skin is sutured in such a way that the incision scar is not visible.

The procedure usually takes 2 hours and recovery is 2-3 weeks.

Side Effects of a Hairline Lowering Surgery

A hairline lowering operation, like most other hair restoration in Chicago, comes with some drawbacks. However, if you exercise extreme caution and adhere to all post-surgery precautions and advice, the majority of these side effects will resolve and disappear on their own. The following are examples of transient adverse effects:

  • Inflammation or swelling around the treated site: Applying an ice pack to the inflamed area is the best technique to reduce swelling.
  • Bleeding near the incision site of the surgery: Avoid alcohol, blood-thinning drugs, and any other substances that might impede the healing process or cause excessive bleeding before the surgery. Ensure you follow all post-operative instructions and take all required measures after your operation.
  • Numbness: After surgery, it is common for the forehead to feel numb. This numb sensation is generally very brief and goes away within 3-5 days on its own.

How Much Does A Hairline Lowering Procedure Cost?

The cost of performing a hairline lowering surgery varies depending on the country. If you get the operation done in nations like the United States, the Uk, or Canada, it might cost anywhere from $8000 to $9600.

Is Surgery Right for Me?

Consider your lifestyle and if surgery will help you with your hair loss problem. Is the operation going to help you live a more fulfilling life? Are you a public figure? Will you get more self-assurance as a result of this experience? Are you going to be happier? Know that this is a medical operation that may turn back the clock and make you appear and feel years younger. Also, the treatment isn’t just for individuals with receding hairlines; it’s also for those who were born with a “high forehead” and wish to move their hairline to a more visually acceptable spot.

Hairline Lowering Post-Operative Care

  • Apply ice to any place that is swollen or burning because of surgery.
  • After the procedure, do not wash your hair for at least two days.
  • For at least 14 days, refrain from engaging in intense activities or lifting heavy items.
  • You can ask your doctor for pain medication and aftercare instructions.
  • To ensure a faster recovery, do not smoke or consume alcohol for one week following surgery.
  • Consume a vitamin C-rich diet to speed up your recovery.

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