How do you use a laser cap for hair loss?

As a post-op patient after a hair transplant, it is understandable that you will have many questions about your hair procedures. One such question we often hear is: How should I use my laser cap? If that sounds like you and you’re wondering how to use a laser cap.  Well, worry not, because we will tell you exactly how to use it.

What Are Laser Caps?

Laser caps are designed to protect the grafts and reduce the chance of infection. They are a great option for your hair maintenance therapy. These devices are excellent in terms of practicality and second only to topical medications in terms of effectiveness. Laser caps are also on par with PRP treatments in terms of the results they deliver, so you’ll be getting just as good a result as you would coming in for PRP treatments after your procedure without leaving your home. The laser cap uses flashing light energy to stimulate the metabolism of the hairs on your scalp, which your body will then naturally respond to with better nutrient supply and blood flow to the scalp area. This process, therefore, uses simple, non-invasive technology to facilitate a better environment for your new hair to grow.

The Components

When you get your laser cap in the mail, it’ll come wholly packaged with all the individual components it requires to work perfectly for what you’ll be using it for. You’ll need to open it up as soon as it’s in to confirm the following components are present in the package you’ve received: 1. The shell or body 2. A battery pack 3. Wall outlet plug 4. Battery pack to laser cap plug


Once you’ve confirmed all the components are complete and in great shape, the first thing you’ll want to do is get the battery pack to full charge. The battery pack comes inside a case designed to clip onto your belt for convenience, but both ports on the battery are on the open side, so you won’t have to remove the battery to charge if you don’t want to. You’ll notice that the two inlets are colored differently in yellow and black, so it’s easy to tell them apart. The yellow-colored port connects to the wall outlet, while the black connects the battery to the laser cap itself.

How To Use Your Laser Cap

Now that you’ve gotten your battery fully charged, you’ll need to take the yellow plug and connect the second end of that to your laser cap. Once you’ve confirmed the connection is secure, turn the cap on with the switch on your battery pack. If you got the connection right, you’d notice the lights underneath your laser cap flashing. This flashing is vital because of the better physiological impact compared to solid lighting. However, if you happen to plug the yellow plug into the black socket, you’ll notice your laser cap coming on with a solid red light instead. Although this will still work, it’s not quite as effective, and we recommend switching your connection back the right way to get the best results. Once everything looks good with the laser cap connections and the lights are flashing perfectly, go ahead and put the cap on top of your scalp and leave it there for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the laser cap does not come with an in-built timer, so you’ll want to ensure you pay attention to the time while using the equipment. We recommend using the cap for a cumulative period of 90 to 100 minutes over the course of a week. Depending on your schedule and preferences, you could therefore split your sessions into three times a week or smaller sessions of 15 minutes each. Whichever option you choose, however, it’s best to keep it below the 30-minute mark before taking it off, as the cap tends to get warm and may become less comfortable over extended use times.

Maintaining Your Laser Cap

Taking care of your laser cap is just as easy as cleaning any other equipment you use. You can clean the cap with a regular Clorox wipe or any clean fabric with soap and water. The laser cap is designed to stay pretty sanitary with a transparent protective shell you will notice between the lasers and the inner plastic in contact with your hair and scalp.


So there you have it. Using your laser caps 90 minutes a week is all you need to keep your hair maintenance treatments in good shape after your procedure. These laser caps also come with an excellent customer warranty, so you can rest assured that any issues will be quickly taken care of should they arise with your hair maintenance equipment. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our office, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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