What Is a Laser Cap?

If you’re here, you’ve probably decided on getting your hair transplant procedure done and figured out a laser cap could be an excellent part of your hair recovery process after your procedure is completed.

However, I guess you likely have only a vague idea about this little piece of equipment and what benefits it could offer you compared to other hair treatment methods available to choose from. So to get you right on track, we’ll share with you all you need to know about laser caps and how they work to get your hair back in great shape.

Laser Caps For Hair Maintenance

Laser caps are one of the most effective methods compared to other alternative hair treatment options. In fact, we consider laser caps an excellent hair maintenance therapy option and only second to topical medications in terms of effectiveness during and after use.

One additional benefit of using laser caps as a hair maintenance option after a hair replacement procedure is the equipment’s convenience. As a hair replacement specialist who has undergone a hair transplant myself, I have been using a  laser cap for my hair maintenance treatments three times a week for a couple of years now with outstanding results.

Beyond just my personal experience, there are plenty of reasons why this particular hair cap I recommend is one of the best you’ll find on the market. Here’s a look at some reasons why you should have one included in your post-procedure shopping list:

High-Efficiency Power Rating

Coming in at about 4 joules per square centimeter, the power of this laser cap is very high. That’s about three times more powerful than a regular cap, so you’ll be getting very efficient scalp stimulation for improved blood flow and nutrient circulation when you use one.

Perfectly Calibrated Laser Wavelength

The laser cap uses real laser technology to deliver high-quality results once your hair gets back into its growth phase. These lasers are calibrated at an exact 655 nanometer of light wavelength to deliver the best results when in use.

Pulsation Feature

This pulsation effect is one distinguishing feature of this laser cap that you’re unlikely to find with the many other alternatives on the market. The pulsation method in laser treatments has been shown to be more effective than the regular, so the design was intentional to enable our patients are getting the best results with these caps.

How It Works

The laser cap is a lightweight, non-invasive device that can stimulate your scalp with flashing light energy. This stimulation will help your body naturally provide nutrients and blood flow to the area, which will make it easier for new hair to grow.

Overall, the functioning process is pretty simple. At its simplest, you’re only dealing with a power pack and laser cap while using one for your hair maintenance treatment. Another good thing about the equipment is how quickly you can get done with the charging process, and the 2-week use time you’re getting out of it.


Ultimately, the Laserscape procedure — which is what we’ll call it for the purposes of this article — is simply the latest advancement in hair restoration technology. It may not be for everyone, but it’s a good option for those looking to improve their appearance without committing to the more traditional hair maintenance method.

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