What is recovery like?

Must Watch  Video About Hair Replacement 

FUE Hair Replacement

Is a hair transplant your best option?

Difference between FUE techniques


Is a hair transplant painful?

Ways to conceal a FUE procedure

Should you get PRP during your hair transplant?

The Procedure

What happens during a hair transplant procedure?

Watch Dr. Vinay get a hair transplant

Hair Loss

How much hair am I going to loose?


How many hair grafts do I need?

How do you plan for a natural result?

How many hair transplants can you have in a lifetime?


What should you expect?

How long do transplanted hairs last?

What can I do to ensure a good result?

Difficulties of getting a good result when restoring the crown

Difficulties of getting a good result when restoring the hair line

Healing and Down Time

What is recovery like?

How much down time will I have after a hair transplant?

When can your exercise or be active after a hair transplant?


What can go wrong during a hair transplant?

Maintenance Treatments

Do I need to continue maintenance treatments after a hair transplant?

Best maintenance therapy options after a hair transplant?

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