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During your consultation, you’ll meet with a physician who can answer questions that are specific you. To get the most out of your time, we created a series of videos to answer more generalized questions about hair trasplant. Try to watch the ones that are important before your consultation so you can ask more questions.

Given the importance of maintanence therapieshair loss, we created a separate library of videos for men and women, as well as opened up a virtual consultation service. This service is free to you.


Pros and Cons of FUE

FUE vs Micro-FUE vs No-buzzcut Micro-FUE

SmartGraft vs Neograft vs Artas vs manual

What should I expect from a hair transplant?

Does a hair transplant hurt?

Will my transplanted hair fall out?

How many grafts do I need?

How much hair am I going to lose?

How many hair transplants can I have?

How do I plan for future hair loss?

How much does hair transplant cost?

What can I do to ensure a good result?

When can I go back to work?

When can I return to _______ activity?

  • Basic daily activity- next day
  • Work- see specific video
  • Showering- next day with special instructions.
    • Showering normally- 1 week
  • Removing the dressing- 2 days
  • Wearing a hat- 3 days
  • Light exercise (no sweating)-  3 days
    • Intense exercise- 2 weeks
  • Combs and brushes in transplanted area- 3 weeks
  • Topical OTC hair products- 3 weeks
  • Hair cut (outside transplanted area)- 3 weeks
    • Within area- 6 weeks
  • Maintenance therapies- 4 weeks
    • Laser Cap
    • Topical Rx
  • Direct sun exposure with sunscreen- 4 weeks
  • Curling or straightening hair- 6 weeks
  • Coloring hair 8 weeks
What happens during a hair transplant procedure?

What can go wrong during a hair transplant?

Who performs my transplant?

Do I need to continue my hair loss treatments (minoxidil, etc) after a transplant??

Not sure which treatment is right for you? 

Try our virtual state-of-the hair analysis and get recommendations from our medical experts. Your only commitment is $100 which can be used towards any recommended treatment.

Don’t Loose It

About 50% of hair is gone by the time you see thinning.

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