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Minimally Invasive Collection by Reticular Oscillation

Micro is a better method of collecting hairs with vibration (reticular oscillation), instead of cutting. By eliminating cutting, the critically important oil gland is not stripped from the hair during collection. Instead, vibrations cause the body to naturally deliver hair with the oil gland in one piece, resulting in more naturally appearing hairs.


Pilosebaceous Unit Extraction

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, where the goal is to extract the hair follicle. However, hairs need more than a follicle to be healthy. Hairs need the entire pilosebaceous unit, which includes the follicle (pilo-) and oil gland (-sebaceous). Micro makes this possible.

More natural results

With PUETM, hairs are smooth, straight and shiny, unlike Standard FUE hairs, where the common complaint is that hairs can be dull and curled.

 Damaged Oil Glands From Standard FUE

Micro PUETM uses vibration to collect hairs so oil glands are rarely cut off like Standard FUE. Micro PUETM hairs look more natural because oil glands keep hairs moisturized and healthy.

Fewer procedures

Avoid a second procedure. While most clinics are limited to 2,500 grafts in a single session, Micro PUETM allows us to SAFELY perform 3,000-4,500 grafts in one session because Micro PUETM is less invasive than Standard FUE.

Faster healing

Micro PUETM is 2-5x less invasive than FUE meaning you’ll be back to work the next day and fully healed in 7-10 days.

The Science Behind Micro PUETM

The Science of Healthier Hairs

In Standard FUE, a blade cuts a cylinder out of your scalp without any regard for what it cuts through. Often, critical structures like the oil gland are severed and left behind. However, the unnecessary tissue makes grafts bulky.

Micro PUETM uses vibration to separate hairs from the scalp in their natural anatomical units. This includes oil glands. Grafts are the ideal size with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Science of Natural Hairlines

Standard FUE hairs have extra tissue that acts like a buoy in water. After implantation, hairs bob in all directions. This means we have limited control over results.

In PUETM, the hairs fit perfectly into the scalp. This gives us full control of their direction, which is key to building a natural hairline.

The science of faster healing

In FUE, hairs are punched out using a circular blade. To ensure hairs are collected without being cut, big punches are used. Unfortunately, this means longer healing.

In Micro PUETM, vibration allows the body to separate the hair naturally. This means no removal of unnecessary tissue and the abilty to collect twice the number of grafts with 1/5th the injury. 

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