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What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

LLLT uses light energy to increase the metabolism in hair follicles. In response, your body will increase blood supply, oxygen and nutrient delivery to your scalp. 

Is the Sunetics laser and LLLT safe?

The Sunetics laser and Rx Laser Cap are cleared by the FDA and was found to be safe for the treatment of hair loss in men and women, including women who a pregnant or family planning.

What results should you expect to see?
How soon should you expect to see results?

Your patients will experience 3 stages of results while undergoing the Sunetics Hair Therapy treatments. Each patient will move through these stages at their own pace, determined by how well their hair follicles respond:

  • Stage 1, the patient will notice a decrease in hair loss. Typically, this happens around 3 months.
  • Stage 2, their healthy hairs becomes fuller, thicker and shinier because the healthy hair follicles (as opposed to unhealthy) are easier to maximize. Typically, this happens around 6 months.
  • Stage 3, the unhealthy or miniaturized hair thickens and regrows. However, some hairs that are significantly diminished may not improve because they are too far gone. Typically, this happens around 6 months.
How does LLLT work?
Are there any side effect of the Sunetics laser or LLLT?

Who is the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate for the Sunetics Laser is a man or women in the early stages of hair loss. Those who are slick shiny bald are not candidates for the laser.

Other good candidates are:

  • Women with diffuse hair loss.
  • Post-menopausal women experiencing hair loss.
  • Men unwilling to take Propecia.
  • Those who are not good candidates or are unwilling to have hair transplant surgery.
  • Men or women who have heredity male or female pattern loss.
  • Men or women who expect to be affected by male or female pattern loss.
  • Men or women who are currently using prescription or non-prescription hair loss treatments.
  • Those who have had or plan to have hair transplant surgery.
  • Those experiencing medication-associated hair loss from chemotherapy or other medications.
  • Those who have illnesses that have caused them to lose hair.
  • Women who are experiencing or expect to experience post-partum hair loss.
  • Those who are fearful or unwilling to use PRP because of the needles used.
Does LLLT hurt?

No. As a non-invasive medical device, the low level laser technology utilized by the Sunetics Laser produces no heat and causes no pain or discomfort of any kind. In some cases, patients have stated that they have experienced a “slight tingling” in the scalp, which is nothing more than the patient’s sensitivity to the increased blood circulation.

What is the treatment protocol?

How much do I charge patients?

How much is my commission?

Your commission is $1000 for clients who sign up for a yearly membership.

Can clients with wet hair or products in the hair use the laser

Yes. Just confim the laser light is hitting the scalp. 

Can clients who are on Propecia or Rogaine use the laser?
Can clients who are on Propecia or Rogaine use the laser?

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