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What to expect from shock loss after a hair transplant

Although FUE hair transplantation boasts a high success rate, patients should know that it’s common to lose some of their hair in the first few months after recovery.  
Hair loss post-procedure, called shock loss, is a totally normal and expected part of the hair growth process. Shock loss doesn’t mean that the hair transplant has failed. In fact, shedding hair usually indicates that your hair is on its way to healthy growth. In this guide, we’ve outlined some information about shock loss as well as what you can expect from the growth process after hair transplant surgery.

What is Shock Loss?

Shock loss is a natural occurrence that can follow any type of trauma to the scalp, including surgery. It is completely normal and can be expected after a hair transplant procedure.

While many patients would prefer to avoid this stage of recovery, shock loss is actually a necessary part of the hair growth process.

The hair growth cycle has 3 distinct stages: growth, rest, and shedding. During transplantation, the shock of relocation causes the hair follicles to enter the resting stage. Once they are in this stage, the only opportunity to reenter the growth phase is to shed the hair completely.

Hair loss can also occur in areas of your scalp surrounding the transplanted hair grafts. This happens when those areas become affected by inflammation caused by the newly implanted follicles. While many patients dread the idea of shock loss, it’s important to realize that this phase is only temporary.

How Long Does Shock Loss Last?

Shock loss can begin anywhere from two weeks to eight weeks after your hair transplant procedure. It’s important to understand that the hair loss that occurs will look fairly natural, and the shedding can be covered up by the hair on the rest of your scalp. If you’re worried about what you’ll look like during this stage, we encourage you to talk to one of our hair restoration specialists. We can show you example photos of shock loss and help you better understand what you can expect during this time.

When Does Hair Start Growing After Shock Loss?

After two to six months, your lost hair should begin to grow normally again. This is an exciting stage in the hair growth process since this is when you can expect to really start to see your desired results. We know that it can be disappointing to have to wait for results, but this phase is so important in ensuring your hair grows and remains healthy and active after your hair transplant.

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