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It’s our secret

DiscreteFUETM is the MicroFUETM hair replacement that no one will notice.

Hard to see, Hard to miss

DiscreteFUETM transfers fully-grown hairs with out the buzz cut. You’ll walk out of your procedure looking pretty close to the way you walked in.

New Hairline without any Signs

We use DiscreteFUETM to advance hairlines when clients need an inconspicuous procedure. Simply put, the new hairs hide the small scabs.



If buzz-cut is out of question, then DiscreteFUETM is your best option. We love this option for our female clients.


The Science Behind DiscreteFUETM.

Our state-of-the-art “C” shaped blade wraps around your hair shafts and vibrates your hair follicles out. No punches or cutting needed. 


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