Day 5

Watch These

Washing you hair with soap lather in the shower

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  • What to expect
    • Swelling will begin to resolve around now and usually be gone around Day 8-10
    • Itching will start to annoy you. Itching is the most cumbersome part about your recovery. It is normal for itching to last a few weeks but can take a few months.
    • Scabs and hair will begin to fall out. Seeing hair fall our seems scary, but it’s normal. After a hair replacement, the shafts of most transplanted hairs will fall out, but the follicles are seated within your scalp.
  • What you need to do
    • Continue everything else from previous, except the following:.
    • Finish your antibiotics +/- steroid as prescribed.
    • Stop using bacitracin/neosporin/polysporin
  • What you start doing
    • Sleep in a normal position
    • Moderate exercise (sweating is fine, no straining)
    • Wear a cap. No part of the cap should touch your newly grafted hairs. It is fine for the cap to touch the hair collection area.
    • Go in the sun with a cap
  • What not to do
    • Do not itch your hairs or scabs regardless of how bad the itching is.



Washing your hair with soap lather in the sink
Wearing a cap
Sun exposure