Day 1

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Overview of the next 6 weeks

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  • What to expect
    • Headaches, especially at the hair collection site, are normal.


    • What you need to do
      • Continue everything else from previous day, except the following
      • Wean yourself off the prescription pain medication on to Tylenol. You an alternate Tylenol and the prescription pain medication every 4-6 hours, but do not take them both at once.
      • Take a shower taking care not to get your new placed hairs or the dressing wet.
      • Continue basic, non-exertional daily activities including work
  • If your dressing becomes loose and starts to move towards your new grafts, remove it. Please see instructions for removing your dressing in the video library below.


  • What not to do
    • Do not exert yourself
    • Do not remove your dressing
    • Do not touch your grafts
    • Don’t use NSAIDs for 2 days
    • Don’t use alcohol or drugs


Scabs and crusting around your grafts
A close up view of your grafts look

Physical activity
Sun exposure