Week 3

Watch These

In-grown hairs


  • What to expect
    • Your newly grafted hairs are fully incorporated into your body. There are a few things listed below that we still don’t want to do, but largely you are free from restrictions.
    • Ingrown hairs can start appearing. The tracts of your hairs can be lost during a hair transplant. This can result in an ingrown hair at either the collection or placement areas. In grown can appear in several forms
      • Hair curled under the surface of the skin
      • A white head or pimple
      • A white head with surrounding area of redness due to inflammation
      • A cyst, appearing as a raised bump
      • Inflamed cyst, appearing as a red, tender, painful and/or tense area.
      • If you have area that is red, tender, painful or tense, please contact us. Otherwise try to leave it aloneĀ 
  • What you can do
    • Start/restart hair maintenance therapies
    • Use combs and brushes
    • Dandruff or OTC medicated shampoo
    • Topical haircare products
    • Intense exercise (heavy straining)
    • Go out in the sunlight, preferably while wearing sunscreen
  • What you need to wait 6 weeks to do
    • Curling or straightening hair
    • Coloring hair
    • Shaving the newly grafted area