Day 2

Watch These

Removing your dressing
Washing your hair with soapy water in the shower
Applying bacitracin

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  • What to expect
    • Drainage into your dressing has mostly stopped.
    • You may notice swelling, which will migrate down towards your eyes once you remove the dressing if you had grafts placed in the front.
  • What you need to do
    • Continue everything else from previous (antibiotic, misting, sleeping elevated etc.), except with the following changes:
    • You should be off the prescription pain medication by now.   If not, you can now use NSAIDs to help control any pain you may have, but Tylenol is still preferred.
    • Remove your dressing. It best to do this before you have time to shower and wash your hair. Allow 45 min total for dressing removal and washing your hair in the shoer. Cut the dressing in the middle of your forehead and let it fall off towards the back.
    • Wash your newly inserted hair grafts with this protocol. The hair collection site and the rest of your hairs can be washed normally. Do not let the shower stream hit the newly grafted area. Pour a quarter size amount of baby shampoo into the plastic cup. Fill the cup with water and swirl the soap into the water. Pour the soapy water over your grafts. Repeat until you washed all your grafts. Use the same cup to rinse with water. Gently pat your hair dry with a face towel. No not rub.
    • Apply bacitracin to the hair collection site once a day after you shower. Do not apply bacitracin to the newly placed grafts
  • What can do
    • Use NSAIDs to help control any pain you may have.
    • Light exercise (no sweating or straining)
    • Have alcohol as long as you are off the prescription pain medication.



Washing your hair with soapy water in the sink