Day 10

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  • What to expect
    • Yours are solidly in place. It would be hard to hurt them, but still be gentle until week 3.
    • Non-transplanted hairs may start to fall out. This is normal and can happen for up to 3 months. This is a common condition called “shock” loss. Some hairs that were close to their shedding phase of were “shocked” by the procedure and accelerated to shred. These hairs will grow back.
  • What you need to do
    • Stop misting unless it’s helping you with itching
    • Shower normally but be gentle. Don’t rub hard or scratch, but shampoo everywhere as you normally would. The shower stream can now hit your newly grafted area. Don’t rub hard when you dry your hair.
  • What you start doing
    • Regular exercise (sweating and light straining is fine). Refrain from intense exercise (sprinting, power-lifting, competitive sports, etc) for 3 weeks.